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Bug fixes

April Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We're always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at

  • Updated product nav to make user settings more discoverable and restyled new task button + commandbar

  • Fixed issue with seats in Billing showing as consumed when they weren't

  • ClickUp Task integration is now live!

  • New support for daily Smart 1:1s

  • Train trips are now identified as "travel time"

  • You can now add default time policy (e.g., working vs. personal hours), start date and due dates for Tasks in Settings > General

  • You can now mark Habits as "Always Free" or "Always Busy"

  • Fixed bug where a sync repair didn't catch recurring series that ended

  • "a" and "p" now work as shorthand for "am" and "pm"

  • Hyperlinks and full "Github-style" markdown are now supported on Task descriptions

  • If "h" or "m" isn't specified in a duration, we'll now default to "h", or hours

  • Save buttons on Habits/Tasks are now sticky so you don't have to scroll all the way down

  • You can now join calls from synced events

  • #reclaim_free focus time sessions or no-meeting days now exclude the scheduling of Smart 1:1s

  • Fixed bug where Task edit screen was not showing due date

  • You can now sort team users by Admin role in the Billing & Team page

  • Fixed bug where 2023 Task due dates were getting moved back a year

  • Fixed bug where "Back" and "Cancel" weren't working when editing newly created Habits

  • We now have better support for detecting addresses in the US, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, and dozens of other countries with predictable postal codes

  • Events with conference links are now automatically categorized as "meetings"

  • Fixed issue where recurring synced events were not getting detected

  • Fixed scheduled sort order bug in Task list

  • You can now specify personal vs. work Task types from Todoist

  • Fixed bug where declining a Smart 1:1 would not clear out the attendees events

  • You can now mark individual past Habits/Tasks as incomplete

  • New defaults for Tasks: "Delay start" and "Due in" for better scheduling control

  • Fixed rare Habit editing bug where inputs weren't properly saving for day of week

  • Fixed rare Habit editing bug where changing around changing frequency from once to twice per week

  • Travel Time will no longer overlap with other Travel Time events, and will intelligently adapt when there isn't enough space to fit the default travel time event

  • Decompression Time now snaps to the edge of the previous event (e.g., for speedy meetings) and won't overlap with other Decompression Time events

  • Fixed bug where declined Smart 1:1s were getting re-accepted

  • Fixed rare bug where two Smart 1:1s would schedule in one week after rescheduling

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