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Bug fixes

August Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We're always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at


  • You can now tell Reclaim to respect your availability across multiple Connected Calendars

  • Reclaim's Planner will now display multiple Connected Calendars in the same view

  • Support for international / 24h time format and dd/mm format

  • Timepicker will now honor your starting day of week from Google Calendar settings

  • You can now edit titles, descriptions, and notes inline

  • "Ideal day" will now filter based on your Scheduling Hours

  • Ability to undo Tasks marked as done from an in-app notification

  • Added notification to forms without a save button to notify changes were saved

  • Smart 1:1 shows both attendees' meeting hours when there's little to no overlap

  • Removed "Mon - Sun" text for daily Habits

  • List of Tasks that are "Marked done" is sorted by date of completion

  • Ability to toggle between the attendee's timezone and the viewers for Smart 1:1s

  • Better support for Portuguese addresses

  • We now display full 24-hour time in Task list details

  • "Days available" display for Habits and Smart 1:1s now respect the starting day setting from Google Calendar

  • Smart 1:1 always busy feature flag works for attendees as well

Bug fixes

  • Fixed messaging for week-view if no events are scheduled

  • Fixed bug where users were able to enable Habits past Free plan limits

  • Fixed issue when selecting "Specific days and times…" and selecting Ideal Day field for Smart 1:1s continue to show non-eligible days

  • Fixed bug where incorrect maximum number of Habits error warning

  • Fixed issue where the browser back button does not work in onboarding

  • Fixed issue where Smart 1:1 details/description were not respecting line breaks

  • Fixed issue where long titles for Smart 1:1 runs the text over the edit pencil icon

  • Fixed small bug where creating and saving a disabled Habit will enable the Habit anyway

  • Fixed UI issue where the end time for a Habit defaults to AM

  • Fixed bug where deleting a Task Event that is more than 7 days old does not revive the Task

  • Fixed communication issue where we say next meeting is not scheduled when it is

  • Fixed issue where Asana workspaces with many teams or projects can break the integration

  • Fixed bug with Asana integration so team lookup is now for user's team rather than the Workspace's team

  • Fixed small issue where Planner was not displaying DST correctly

  • Fixed UI issue where "No Overlapping Hours" is showing for nonmember 1:1s all the time

  • Fixed issue where Smart 1:1 invites were not loading for some users

  • Fixed UI issue where Task list scheduled column didn't respect 24 hour setting

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