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Scheduling Links (beta)
Bug fixes

December Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team
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  • Smart 1:1s no longer pushed off when starting a task.

  • Resolved time policy form errors when adding organizers.

  • CC'd attendees added directly to GCal events now carry forward on reschedules.

  • You can now customize Scheduling Link titles.

  • You can now set custom start time minute intervals for Scheduling Link meetings.

  • You can now create empty link groups for future Scheduling Links.

  • Fixed bug for 1:1s rescheduling to later in the same day vs. another day or week.

  • Calendar Sync events with 'maybe' RSVP are now marked as busy.

  • Fixed bug where edits to Scheduling Link event title weren't saving.

  • Moving Scheduling Link between groups (or to hidden) no longer removes disabled state.

  • Fixed bug where one-off Scheduling Links were getting added to booking page.

  • Scheduling Links co-organizer scheduling hours now default to same as organizer (Personal/Meeting/Working).

  • You can now view your Scheduling Links by All Links, Team Links, and Hidden Links.

  • Improved layout for Scheduling Link rescheduling and cancellation pages.

  • Fixed bug for more accurate syncing of rescheduled recurring events to primary calendar.

  • Main Organizer automatically sets on new Scheduling Links.

  • Task search now takes you to details page instead of edit page.

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