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Bug fixes

March Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We're always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at

  • Billing & Team management are now live

  • You can now find coworkers & teams in your Billing & Team page, and in onboarding

  • Referral program credits can now be claimed from the Share Reclaim page

  • You can now set Habits to be "Always Free" or "Always Busy"

  • Time inputs now recognize a and p as am and pm

  • Duration inputs now assume “1” means “1 hr” and “15” means “15 min”

  • Hyperlinks and markdown are now supported in Task Notes

  • You can now sort your team table by "Admin" roles

  • When purchasing seats, they will auto-apply to team members if there's enough headroom

  • Fixed bug where Tasks due today show "Anytime"

  • Fixed rare bug where due dates between 1-7 days weren't showing up in the Task list

  • Integration settings page now auto-saves instead of save buttons

  • Fixed bug where you couldn't set Tasks to last longer than 24 hours

  • Resolved short-term issue where Tasks "do not schedule before" settings still scheduled a Task early

  • Fixed time formatting on our Tasks page for presenting "split time"

  • Todoist integration now auto-subscribes to a new child project if already subscribed to the parent

  • Todoist integration now supports "don't schedule before" settings natively

  • Deleting a Habit no longer sends you back to the Habit details page of the deleted Habit

  • Todoist integration now supports specifying "Work" vs "Personal" Task types

  • Fixed rare bug where Smart 1:1 events were showing up as private

  • Fixed rare bug where a Habit event overlapped with a Task

  • We now detect train trips as "travel time"

  • Fixed issue where sometimes multiple Google Meet links were created

  • Fixed Referral Program issue where Milestone 3 - free for life credit counts were resetting

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