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Bug fixes

May Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We're always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at


  • Asana integration is now live!

  • Planner 2.0 is live!

  • Google Calendar Workspace Add-on is live!

  • We now support case-insensitive reclaim tags in Todoist

  • Travel time now uses the same visibility as the source event for synced calendar events

  • Improved "between" and "and" use in Tasks due date fields to respect Personal and Working Hours

  • You can now search for team members in the Billing & Team page

  • You can now find the full list of integrations at the bottom of the Tasks page in the product

  • Improved Calendar Sync reliability

  • Details pages now specify year of date when not in current year

  • You can now use Planner actions for Slack tasks!

  • New notifications for actions in the Planner (e.g., when you mark a Task as done)

  • N-times-per-week Habits now space out on your calendar better

  • New adjustments so Smart 1:1s no longer schedule forward within less than 24 hours unless users manually drag it forward

  • Smart 1:1 attendees now have same Time Defense setting as organizer

  • Reclaim's blog now has a search bar

  • "Cmd + Enter" now saves a form

  • You can now re-invite members who were previously removed from your Team

  • Zoom details now available in synced event

  • Historical Habits & Tasks are no longer marked private

  • Shared Todoist projects no longer assigns tasks to multiple people

  • Improved support for special characters for more email-friendly experience

  • Updated logic for when Tasks get marked as "at risk"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare bug where Todoist integration didn't sync "reclaim" label if all tasks were previously synced

  • Fixed bug where #reclaim_free was allowing 1:1s to be scheduled

  • Fixed bug where team seats were showing as used when they were available in the Billing UI

  • Fixed a bug where marking a Task as done in Reclaim wasn't marking complete in Todoist

  • Fixed issue where "always free" time defense caused Habits to disappear

  • Fixed a bug where Todoist integration was creating infinite loops if you also have the Todoist Google Calendar integration enabled too

  • Fixed rare bug which occurred when a user moved a 1:1, and it doubled up for the day

  • Fixed bug where user couldn't delete your account as a solo user under a paid account

  • Fixed rare error that would occur when trying to connect Linear

  • Fixed ClickUp sync delays around GANTT view

  • Fixed bug where calendar sync did not remove deleted events from connected calendar

  • Fixed bug where multiple source calendars have events on target calendar and events get skipped if one accepts and another declines

  • Fixed buffer time adjustment in Slack

  • Fixed bug where Tasks were being continuously snoozed a day out

  • Fixed issue where Smart 1:1s keep getting bounced back to original time when users attempt to move it

  • Fixed bug where custom Slack status wasn't supported for customers on Free plan

  • Fixed bug where the back button infinitely loops between Edit and Details page

  • Fixed issues where orphaned exceptions were not syncing

  • Fixed issue where Slack statuses were not updating property

  • Fixed rare issue where Smart 1:1s kept shifting

  • Fixed an issue where rescheduling Task caused a Smart 1:1 to be rescheduled

  • Fixed bug where Calendar Sync policy defaulted to off upon creation

  • Fixed bug where Smart 1:1s were not being detected due to meeting rooms being added

  • Fixed issue where users weren't displayed in teams if they hadn't completed Reclaim onboarding

  • Fixed syncing issue where Google Tasks were getting deleted if syncing required more than 100 queries

  • Fixed bug where all day events were showing up on the wrong day

  • Fixed issue where details from some sourced events were not syncing to target calendar

  • Fixed bug where deleting Smart 1:1s were not working

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