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Bug fixes

May Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We're always on the hunt for bugs and improvements so we can deliver the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where Calendar Sync page would crash in some cases.

  • Fixed bug where target calendar wasn’t appearing as selected on Scheduling Link form.

  • Fixed bug where due date on Tasks list sometimes showed the date the Task was completed.

  • Fixed bug where ‘Last Scheduled’ field was hidden on Tasks marked as completed.

  • Fixed bug where ‘Last Scheduled’ field wasn’t honoring date formatting from Google Settings.

  • Fixed bug where Connected Calendar checkbox list in Planner wasn’t persisting properly across browser sessions.

  • Fixed bug where Smart 1:1 invitee’s avatar was not displaying in the meeting edit page.

  • Fixed bug so availability on meetings defaults to 'Meeting Hours' for added organizers.

  • Fixed bug where error and warning states on Scheduling Link cards were overlapping.

  • Fixed bug where ideal day was showing when only one day was available for a Smart 1:1.

  • Fixed bugs where team invites couldn’t be revoked.

  • Fixed bug where 'Log Work' action wasn’t working properly.

  • Fixed bug where setting target calendar for Scheduling Links wasn’t working properly.

  • Fixed bug where ClickUp integration was removing the “reclaim” label from tasks unexpectedly for some users.

  • Fixed bug where Asana workspace couldn’t be synced to Reclaim if there were no projects available.

  • Fixed bug where team invite email addresses allowed spaces and failed to send the invite email.

  • Fixed bug where task prioritization was broken for some users.

  • Fixed bug where invite emails weren’t sending properly for team invites.

  • Fixed bug where certain 1:1 meetings couldn’t be detected properly. 

  • Fixed bug where Lite users could access certain paid features and cause their accounts to be locked.

  • Fixed errors for some users on initial Reclaim onboarding.

  • Fixed bug where booking pages were crashing for some users.

  • Fixed bug where deleting account was in some cases not properly cleaning up connected calendar credentials and syncs.

  • Fixed bug where Slack integration was consistently erroring out on actions for Android users.

  • Fixed bug where Linear estimates weren’t mapping to the proper durations for tasks.

  • Fixed bug where clicking the timezone for “No overlapping hours” warning wasn’t working.

  • Fixed bug where travel time adjustments made via Slack weren’t sticking.


  • New feature update: Users can now set Habits and Smart 1:1s to use any existing scheduling hours, as well as set multiple per-day time ranges. 

  • New feature update: Users can now create custom one-off Scheduling Links from existing links, both from Reclaim’s web app and via the Gmail extension

  • New feature update: Users can now add Decompression Time after all meetings, not just those with video conferencing links.

  • Improved Habit stack-ranking logic to better respond to user inputs. 

  • Target calendars will now display on the details page for a Scheduling Link.

  • Right-clicking on a Google Calendar event URL in the Planner now allows users to open the link in any Chrome profile. 

  • Improved subscription warnings for when users move across teams or abandon their team.

  • Added a hover tooltip to show overview of selected scheduling hours in event forms.

  • Improved UI for location and video conferencing field when creating/editing Scheduling Links to make it easier to find.

  • Added warnings to Scheduling Links when no location was added.

  • Default Scheduling Links created in the onboarding will now have video conferencing links added on them automatically.

  • Updated permissions so only the main organizer on a Scheduling Link can change the link group.

  • Various improvements to layout and actions of the Billing & Team page.

  • Various improvements to scheduling hours selection for Smart 1:1s, Habits, and Scheduling Links.

  • Improved notification experience for disabling or deleting a Smart 1:1.

  • Added automatic 30-day expiration for one-off custom Scheduling Links.

  • Improved color-coding experience to allow for one-off overrides on calendar events so users can modify the color of an event in Google Calendar and Reclaim will allow it to persist.

  • Improved experience for “primary_mismatch” error to automatically resolve the calendar conflict when users are switching their main account email.

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