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Multiple time ranges for Habits & Smart 1:1s

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

Wish you could schedule your gym Habit to mornings on Tuesdays, but evenings on Thursdays? Or are you trying to find more overlap for your Smart 1:1 meetings across you and your attendees’ schedules?

Good news! You can now set multiple time ranges for Habit and Smart 1:1 events, and customize both attendees' hours for your Smart 1:1 meetings.

With multiple time ranges, you can:

  • Set custom hours for specific days on your individual Habit or Smart 1:1

  • Add multiple time ranges to a single day 

  • Use your Working, Meeting, or Personal hours for Habits and Smart 1:1s

  • Manage both Smart 1:1 attendees’ hours as an organizer to resolve meetings with low overlap in availability 

Update your Habits and Smart 1:1s with custom hours by navigating to the Hours section in the Edit page of each individual smart event.

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