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New Priorities for everything on your calendar

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

The future of AI scheduling is officially here! We're very excited to announce Priorities at Reclaim.

Map all events on the calendar to universal Priorities from Critical (P1) - Low (P4) priority and automatically keep your schedule aligned to what's most important, every week.

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What's new:

  • Universal Priorities: Schedule your Tasks, Habits, Smart 1:1s, and Scheduling Links on the calendar according to priority level, and automatically make tradeoffs around more important items.

  • Max meeting availability: Book your urgent meetings sooner with advanced prioritization settings for Scheduling Links that offer up lower-priority events as available times.

  • Task integration priority mapping: Automatically sync over priority levels from your task integrations with ClickUp, Todoist, Asana, Linear, and Jira.

  • 'Up Next' controls for Tasks: Schedule which Tasks you want to work on ASAP with 'Up Next' functionality to override Priorities.

  • Priorities for non-Reclaim events: Choose to turn down the priority of non-Reclaim events on your calendar to create even more availability for higher-priority Scheduling Links.

  • Smarter AI scheduling: Your Critical (P1) Habits and Smart 1:1s come first — everything else is intelligently auto-scheduled considering priority, availability, and deadlines.

Learn more about Priorities in the overview help doc, and reach out with questions or feedback at We can't wait to hear what you think!

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