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Scheduling Links (beta)
Bug fixes

October Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team
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We're always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at


  • We've launched our Scheduling Links private beta! Now others can schedule time with you while you offer high priority links and flexible durations for your attendees. Click here to request access.

  • RSVP note is now provided when declining a Smart 1:1.

  • Account deletion has been moved to the Profile page.

  • Improved Travel Time support for Spanish addresses.

  • "I need more time" button now brings up the "Add time" modal for customized time options.

  • Improved UI layout for Connected Calendars.

  • Deleting an account now turns off all associated Connected Calendars.

  • Improved time display layout for Planner.

  •, Fathom, and other meeting recording bots no longer change meeting category to External Meeting.

  • Smart 1:1s are now alphabetically ordered by first name of the attendee.

Bug fixes

  • Unscheduled Tasks are no longer treated as "at risk".

  • Fixed small UI issue where the Task List's "Scheduled" on date was not respecting date/time format in GCal settings.

  • Fixed small UI issue with emoji not lining up on event titles.

  • Fixed issue where user search on Billing & Team page wasn't working on the following page.

  • Resolved issue where removing a Connected Calendar selected on the Planner crashed the app.

  • Fixed issue on mobile where clicking on the Intercom chat modal shows chat bubble but disappears.

  • Fixed issue where Smart 1:1s were stuck in "Scheduling" state.

  • Resolved issue where team members were not automatically assigned paid seats while on a trial.

  • Fixed issue where Connected Calendar couldn't be deleted from Reclaim after deleting it from Google Calendar.

  • Resolved issue where line indicating time on the Planner was lagging.

  • Fixed bug where pasting an email into a Smart 1:1 failed with no indication.

  • Fixed bug where Habit was not being removed properly when "Avoid duplicate" word was entered.

  • Fixed issue where Smart 1:1 couldn't be disabled after downgrade from Team plan.

  • Fixed issue where RSVP on a Connected Calendar weren't working.

  • Fixed issue where Connected Calendar selection wasn't working properly.

  • Fixed bug where Scheduling Link slug briefly displays "my-user".

  • Fixed issue where clicking "Enable" on a Sync Policy was opening up Sync Policy details.

  • Fixed minor UI issue where the first letter of the month was in lower case.

  • Fixed time zone issues where Connected Calendar's time zone differed from the Main Primary.

  • Fixed bug where Habits were not skipping.

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