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Recap of 2022 at Reclaim!

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

With 2023 just around the corner, we’re taking a minute to celebrate an awesome year at Reclaim!

From introducing team plans, adding four new native integrations, to launching our Scheduling Links feature – here’s a recap of the top highlights of 2022.

New 2022 integrations:

Scheduling Links (in beta) with high-priority links and flexible meeting durations so you can book the right appointments sooner. Learn more

Google Calendar Add-On so you can view and manage your task list, Habits, and meetings right in Google Calendar. Learn more

New Planner to view and manage your schedule right from Reclaim with drag-and-drop capabilities, stack ranking tasks, and quick event editing. Learn more

Team accounts to easily build out and manage your team in Reclaim for smarter collaboration. Learn more

Connected Calendars tell Reclaim to honor your availability across multiple calendars, without blocking events to a primary calendar like Calendar Sync does. Learn more

Improvements for Tasks: 

  • Filter Tasks with as Active, Done Scheduling, and Marked Done. Learn more

  • New default Task settings for Delay Start, Due In, and scheduling during Work vs. Personal Hours. Learn more

  • Reprioritize Tasks in one click by due date via the Planner. Learn more 

Improvements for Habits:

  • Set time defense for Habits as “always busy” or “always free”. Learn more

Improvements for Smart 1:1s:

  • Invite non-users to Smart 1:1 meetings. Learn more

Improvements for Slack integration:

  • Join your meetings directly from Slack. Learn more

  • Auto-update your Slack status outside your working hours. Learn more

Other updates:

  • Auto-lock Tasks, Habits, and meetings in your calendar in advance to avoid last minute changes to your schedule. Learn more

  • Set time intervals for when Reclaim schedules Smart 1:1s and Scheduling Link meetings. Learn more

  • Delegate access to an admin, assistant, or anyone else who helps manage your calendar. Learn more

Reclaim 2022 Trends Reports:

  • Task Management Trends Report Read now

  • Meeting Scheduling Trends Report Read now

  • Burnout Trends Report Read now

    Thank you for being a part of our best year yet. We have big plans for 2023, so stay tuned as we continue to revolutionize calendar management for all. Happy New Year from the Reclaim team! 

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