The Reclaim Team

Reclaim Recapped 2023 — Your year in review

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

For the first year ever, we've launched Reclaim Recapped — a complete overview of how you spent your time in 2023!

Get a breakdown of your productivity, meeting load, and work-life balance in a delightful slideshow report. See which activities consumed most of your time, which time-wasters you want to deprioritize next year, and how well you kept up with your Habits.

Plus, discover which Reclaim Personality you got based on your activity this year. Are you a Juggler, GTD Wizard, Team Player, or one of the other fun productivity personalities? Let us know!

We’re very excited to hear what you think about your time recap for 2023. Click 'share' on any page of your recap to copy your stats to Twitter!

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To learn more about this report, check out our Reclaim Recapped help doc.

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