The Reclaim Team
Bug fixes

September bug fixes

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We're always on the hunt for bugs, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at

Here are some of the noteable bugs we tackled in September:

  • Fixed issue where default Habits didn't show emojis populated in titles

  • Fixed issue where changes to default Habit title caused emojis to get stripped

  • New Weekly Status Habit default uses Thursday and Friday, with Friday as Ideal Day

  • Fixed issue where Ideal Day wasn't showing for users in Habit form

  • Fixed issue where BizOps Review & Weekly Status default Habits weren't showing Frequency option

  • Added ability for users to disable Google Tasks integration by deleting "📆 Reclaim" list

  • Fixed issue where tooltip wasn't being dismissed after Task created in Reclaim's app

  • Fixed issue where Tasks were scheduling outside of working hours

  • Fixed issue where timezone settings were not being properly picked up by Reclaim from Google Calendar

  • Fixed issue where "Avoid duplicate events" wasn't working for Habits

  • Fixed issue where default Lunch Habit wasn't getting preset "Avoid duplicate events" words

  • Fixed issue where Google Tasks "📆 Reclaim" list wasn't getting prepopulated automatically

  • Fixed issues with CommandBar search on mobile

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