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Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings are now here

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We are happy to share that Smart Meetings are now generally available at Reclaim. You can now automatically find the best time for all of your recurring meetings across every attendees schedule, including one-on-ones, team meetings, and external meetings.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Smart Meetings (3+ people): Auto-schedule recurring team meetings

  • Smart 1:1s merge: Find Smart 1:1s in your new Smart Meetings page

  • Invite anyone: Attendees don't have to be Reclaim users

  • Integration improvements: Zoom, Google Docs, Lattice, Fellow, & more

  • Habits v2: More functionality for your Habits (+new templates!)

  • Target calendars: For Habits & Smart Meetings

  • Dependencies: Set how events schedule around each other

  • Availability maps: View overlapping hours for meetings

  • Conflict warnings: Get conflict alerts for Smart Meetings (3+ attendees)

  • Intelligent prioritization: Auto-prioritize meetings that couldn't schedule

  • Recurrence summary: See a future & past events scheduling list

  • Easy conversion: Convert existing events into Smart Meetings & Habits

In order to get started with Smart Meetings – activate the update for your account on your new Smart Meetings page in the app. This will automatically migrate all of your Smart 1:1s to the new Smart Meetings experience, and allow you to start creating group meetings that you can auto-schedule as well.

Pricing for Smart 1:1s (which are now Smart Meetings for one-on-ones) will not change. Smart Meetings for group meetings are moving to a new pricing model using Attendee Users, but they are free through June 30th in this launch promotion period.

Check out this help doc to learn more about the new Smart Meetings feature, and visit the app to activate it for your account.

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