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Slack Tasks Integrations

Sync Google Tasks from multiple accounts & new 'One-off Task duration' setting

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

A couple improvements for the Google Tasks and Slack integrations bring users an even more streamlined task workflow. You can now:

  • Connect multiple Google Accounts to sync Google Tasks from any accounts you have connected to Reclaim, right from the integration settings page in the app.

  • Set a 'One-off Task duration' for quick follow-up Tasks created from emails in Gmail or from Slack messages that might not require your standard default Task duration time. Manage default durations and more in your Tasks settings.

Check out the video for a demo of the updates

Check out our help docs to learn more about setting up the Google Tasks integration and customizing your default Task settings, as well as how to create Tasks from Gmail or from your Slack messages.

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