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Bug fixes

June Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We're always on the hunt for bugs and improvements, as we want the best experience possible for our awesome users. If you run into a bug, let us know at


  • You can now reorder and prioritize your Tasks by due date with a single click.

  • The Planner's side panel is collapsible and can now also be resized.

  • Join your video conference meetings from Slack using the Join button

  • User profile page added — add your role, company size, and what you're using Reclaim for.

  • We now have more resilient parsing for Asana task titles

  • Google Tasks are now no longer marked as complete when "Done Scheduling"

  • Option to skip a Habit or Smart 1:1 is now available in the pop-up for the Google Calendar add-on

  • Asana integration can now handle workspaces that do not support projects

  • Fixed issue where subscriptions were not being turned back on after customers re-activated their accounts

  • Improved the logic to Smart 1:1 changes within 24 hours to help avoid last-minute changes

  • We now mark Tasks as at risk if we tried and failed to schedule it

  • We no longer elevate priority for Habits that occur n-times-per-week

  • Updated emojis for past events

  • Event details for meeting invites now sync if you have not yet RSVPed

  • Better reliability and performance when dragging Tasks to the top of the list in Planner

  • Improvements to domain capture experience when adding team members

  • Pending invitations are now prioritized for seat assignments

  • Made UI changes so Intercom chat bubble does not block key actions

  • Saving a Habit now lands back on the Habit details instead of Habit list

  • Updated empty state in Planner calendar view

  • We now support trials on the Team plan for customers on existing Pro plan

  • Opening a videoconference link from the Planner now opens a new tab instead of using same tab

  • Source calendar details are now shown on synced events in the Google Calendar add-on

  • Add "skipped reason" to synced events in Google Calendar add-on

  • Attachments are now copied over to synced events

  • Created ability to allow for one-off changes for Habit and Smart 1:1 events (e.g., adding an attendee)

  • Increased "Show more" limit to 10 in Planner sidebar

  • Improvements to tooltips on at-risk tasks in Planner

  • Habits that are skipped due to avoid duplicate words now does not try to reschedule to fill up the frequency requirement

  • Updated communication for newly created Tasks that can't be scheduled

  • Stopped showing 1:1 as detected if an invite has already been sent

  • Logging work that completes the Task will now be considered complete

  • Slack travel block notifications are now turned back on

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where join conference button wasn't showing consistently in Slack

  • Fixed issue where upcoming instances of Habits and Tasks weren't being displayed properly

  • Fixed bug where Smart 1:1 attendees weren't able to reschedule events

  • Fixed issue where event categorizations were reverting back after being updated

  • Fixed UI issue where details pages didn't update latest changes until Reclaim finished re-syncing events

  • Color coding for attendee's Smart 1:1 no longer treats event as a foreign invite

  • Fixed issue where synced events marked as Free were preventing Smart 1:1s from being scheduled

  • Fixed UI bug where the details sidebar appears above certain pop-ups

  • Fixed bug where Task and Habit color overrides and custom colors were not being applied

  • Fixed bug where Smart 1:1s were getting extended unexpectedly after they get moved on the Calendar

  • Fixed issue where users who auto-join teams do not have their invitations accepted

  • Fixed bug that makes Tasks due tomorrow seem as if they are due today

  • Fixed rare bug where event created by Reclaim does not have a Reclaim-created ID

  • Fixed issue where some Planner actions result in events with no calendar ID

  • Fixed bug where Google Calendar add-on does not handle source sync events from primary calendar

  • Fixed bug where all day events that start in the middle of the day render incorrectly

  • Fixed bug where deleting a Habit from list view disappears and reappear

  • Fixed rare sync loop issue

  • Fixed bug where Task filters were incorrectly applied

  • Fixed reconnection logic with Todoist when users deletes and starts a new Todist account

  • Fixed issue so Clickup can handle user deletions

  • Fixed bug where you could not adjust Travel Time in the Planner

  • Fixed bug where items were scheduling after due date

  • Fixed issue where Tasks were not be scheduled with split working hours

  • Fixed rare Smart 1:1 bug where "Find another time" caused Smart 1:1 to drop off entirely

  • Fixed bug where Google Tasks email attachments were not coming through in Task notes

  • Fixed rare bug that created issues with creating sync policies

  • Fixed fixed detection issues causing flight travel time to be added to non-flight related events

  • Prevent users on an existing team from being invited to another team

  • Fixed issue where the option to view by week was not showing up

  • Fixed issue where Smart 1:1s were being scheduled over #reclaim_free events

  • Fixed issue where there was no way to remove invite fields on the Invite team members pop-up once they are added

  • Google Tasks should handle the new "Done" state correctly

  • Fixed bug where words placed in "Avoid duplicates" field for Habits were not being saved

  • Fixed rare bug where Smart 1:1s overlapped

  • Fixed bug where team admins were not able to assign seats

  • Fixed UX bug where date picker allowed accidental snooze date in 2023

  • Fixed bug where attendees were not able to reschedule a Smart 1:1 from the Planner

  • Fixed issue where links from Todoist were incorrectly formatted

  • Fixed inaccuracies in Slack subtitle under Tasks

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