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November Bug Fixes & Improvements

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team
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  • We've released Auto-locking your Smart 1:1s, Tasks, and Habits!

  • Enabled setting your Slack status to sync to your working hours.

  • Created Team Links to set up time across multiple calendars!

  • Created Group Links for Scheduling Links.

  • Improved spacing in CC field when scheduling via Scheduling Link.

  • Improved display for all-day events when attendees view their own availability.

  • Allowed carriage returns in meeting notes / reschedule notes.

  • Re-ordered Scheduling Links by title.

  • Made Scheduling Links use Meeting hours instead of Working hours by default.

  • Stopped cycling Zoom URLs every 90 days.

  • Improved communication for CC field to indicate you need to hit Enter after each email and there is a max of 10 CC'ed attendees.

  • Created option to have secret/hidden Scheduling Links.

  • Improved UX when deleting/disabling a Scheduling Link so you are no longer required to reload the page to see the change.

  • Replaced page titles on booking pages with user's name / event types.

  • Added setting for the soonest attendees can schedule for Scheduling Link.

  • Improved highlighting for available days when booking via Scheduling Link.

  • Added indicator to show current day is separate from selected date.

  • Updated behavior where if attendee doesn't provide a name, we default to the email for the in the title of the confirmation.

  • Added text to description in GCal events indicating user can edit event directly.

  • Improved UI for unavailable multi-day events that were showing as available on the monthly calendar but no time was available.

  • Updated experience where disabled Scheduling Link should return a 404 error to everyone except the organizer.

  • Updated so the first available day as the default selected day in the date/time picker when booking time.

  • Created emails for Scheduling Links being created, rescheduled or canceling.

  • Updated Todoist V9 API.

  • Updated Planner view when logged in and booking time in Scheduling Link so any event marked as Free is displayed with dashed line and no Free icon.

  • Travel support added for UAE addresses.

  • Added new weekly report callouts for meetings created from Scheduling Links.

  • Added label to meeting duration picker when booking time with Scheduling Links.

  • Rerouted "View in Planner" action from Scheduling Link to go to the actual meeting instead of upcoming meetings section.

  • Improved experience where duration selection is respected when selecting other dates for finding time.

  • Implemented 404 error for disabled, deleted, or non-existent Scheduling Links.

  • Added picker for Other organizers for Team Links.

  • Added "Video" line item for 1:1s with videoconferencing.

  • Added cancellation reason as a field for Scheduling Links.

  • Added "Go back to Reclaim" button for Scheduling Links.

  • Made update to honor break lines in Scheduling Link description.

  • Removed ripple on Scheduling Link action menu click.

  • Stopped disabling save button on every change in Scheduling Link form.

  • Cleaned up main slug edits.

  • Added loading skeleton for loading link in Scheduling Links details page.

  • Created edit action from details page.

  • Made border on booking events to match Planner.

  • Created readable errors in booking form instead of generic error symbol.

  • Added time zone picker in booking page.

  • Improved main booking page UI.

  • Embedded referral cooking on booking page load.

  • Created hidden Scheduling Links that are not listed on the booking page.

  • Improved design for date selection vs current day selection in Scheduling Link to better differentiate.

  • Prevented H4s title on XL screens from resizing too big for Scheduling Link onboarding.

  • Added "Account" back into the user avatar menu.

  • Improved experience so users do not have to re-enter email when rescheduling a meeting.

  • Released "Don't schedule before" rolling window in Scheduling Link.

  • Added field for "Soonest attendees can schedule" for Scheduling Links.

  • Removed the words "to Reclaim" from "Your availability" when scheduling and prompted to log in.

  • Designs for one-off Scheduling Links.

  • Updated landing pages to use updated footer and header.

  • Synced lock/unlock and Busy/Free changes on Reclaim events.

  • Improved indicator for disabled Scheduling Links.

  • Created autofill name and email for authenticated users using Scheduling Link.

  • Improved handling of error for Scheduling Links exceeding 100 days as max value.

  • Made time in booking header time zone sensitive.

  • Disabled slug field if not the primary organizer of a Group Link.

  • Added Slack actions for Scheduling Links.

  • Made Team Links listed and editable by members.


  • Fixed bug where users couldn't disable a Smart 1:1 that lost access to an attendee's calendar.

  • Fixed bug where dashes were not allowed in Scheduling Link url slug.

  • Fixed bug where a domain could get detached from an email in team member table.

  • Fixed UI bug where Decompression Time custom title field wasn't showing.

  • Fixed issue where you can't going back to CC field to add new attendees.

  • Fixed issue where a disabled Scheduling Link was removed from the UI.

  • Fixed bug where cancelling a meeting from the Meeting confirmation page didn't work.

  • Fixed issue around meeting availability being shown when in cross-day time zone.

  • Fixed bug where declined events were shown in attendee's availability when scheduling.

  • Fixed back end bug where Todoist brackets in the title was breaking duration parsing logic.

  • Fixed time bug where DST day events appeared to be off by one hour.

  • Fixed issue where empty state wasn't showing for certain meeting durations.

  • Fixed bug where a day was shown as available, then no longer available after selecting the following day.

  • Fixed issue where slugs were not used on main Scheduling Link page.

  • Fixed issue where onboarding for Scheduling Links was causing duplicate defaults.

  • Fixed bug where Daylight Savings Time caused events to be off by an hour.

  • Fixed issue where calendar name incorrectly uses summary override.

  • Fixed issue where booking selection was shown on wrong day.

  • Fixed bug where creating new scheduling link validates too early.

  • Fixed issue where https:// prefix was missing when copying Scheduling Link landing page to clipboard.

  • Fixed issue where Stats wasn't considering Connected Calendars.

  • Fixed "Back to Reclaim" button letter casing.

  • Fixed issue where cancellation reason wasn't coming through in emails.

  • Fixed UI issue where "Show more" for Scheduling Link description was still showing even when more was already shown.

  • Fixed issue where events marked with #reclaim_free were considered available time slots for high priority links.

  • Fixed issue where wrong attendee info was being filled when rescheduling a meeting.

  • Fixed bug where meeting slug check did not work.

  • Fixed slow Scheduling Link load due to vercel.

  • Fixed issue where Scheduling Links presented zero availability.

  • Fixed issue where "Earliest start date" wasn't saving.

  • Fixed issue where all-day events weren't getting color coded.

  • Fixed UI spacing issues on titles that wrap on details page.

  • Fixed bug where booking schedule jumps to time even if mouse is not still hovering over it.

  • Fixed small alignment issue on calendar date picker.

  • Fixed but where new Scheduling Link button reloads app on navigation.

  • Fixed issue where for user with no Scheduling Links, booking aggregation crashes the page.

  • Fixed issue where cancellation modal lingers after meeting cancellation.

  • Fixed issue with Scheduling Link card sizing.

  • Fixed issue where user modified Scheduling Link slug during onboarding but modification wasn't saved.

  • Fixed UI bug where slug-change warning appears when creating a Scheduling Link.

  • Fixed issue where "Don't schedule before date" is off by one.

  • Fixed issue where "Open booking page" action leads to non-fancy slugs.

  • Fixed issue where quick-signup for Scheduling Links Unauth redirected to general onboarding.

  • Fixed UI issue where day with no times available is showing as eligible even if it has no time options.

  • Fixed issue where booking page has unreasonable height expectations.

  • Fixed bug where GCal add-on was broken for non-Scheduling Link users.

  • Fixed issue where Scheduling Link date picker offers days with time available rather than times that fit the selected duration.

  • Handled server side props error on booking page load.

  • Fixed issue where meeting slug check does not inform user of conflict.

  • Fixed issue showing booking selection on the wrong day.

  • Fixed issue where available time for day is loaded even if unavailable.

  • Fixed issue where deleting/reschedule past locked Tasks had odd behavior.

  • Fixed UI issue where meetings page had trouble with long locations.

  • Fixed 5K error when trying to edit a Group Link as a co-organizer.

  • Fixed 5K error when creating new Scheduling Link.

  • Fixed scrolling issue for New Task modal from Google Calendar add-on.

  • Fixed scrolling issue for Scheduling Link reschedule page.

  • Fixed mobile issues on booking page.

  • Fixed issue where Travel Time was oscillating on and off.

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