April 2021
🚀 Complete

Planner is live in beta!

We’re excited to announce that Planner is now available in public beta for all Reclaim users. Planner lets you prioritize and schedule all your Tasks and Habits exactly the way you want, every week.

Habits Tasks Planner
🚀 Complete

New Task Creation UI + Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now create Tasks from anywhere in Reclaim by hitting the “Create Task” button at the top of the app. We also now support keyboard shortcuts for creating Tasks, so you can hit C on your keyboard from anywhere in Reclaim to create a Task, and use Tab + Enter to fill out fields in the Task creation UI.

March 2021
🚀 Complete

Bugfixes and tweaks

We fixed a number of bugs and made improvements to the Reclaim UI and Slack Integration.

  • You can now use :colon: emojis for your Slack status instead of needing to paste the emoji directly.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing Habits with auto-decline turned on to decline meetings too aggressively.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing Out of Office events on Google Calendar to be read in Calendar Stats as Meetings instead of Vacation.
  • We fixed several issues with emojis not displaying properly in the Slack integration’s Status Sync feature.
  • We made a number of improvements to behavior of completed Tasks and Habits, including snappier responsiveness for showing the ✅ emoji on completed Tasks and Habits.
  • We made a number of UI improvements and tweaks to the new Calendar Sync UI, making it easier to use account filters and customize sync policies.
Habits Calendar Sync Settings Slack Tasks Bug fixes
🚀 Complete

Settings 2.0

We’ve completely refreshed our Settings UI to give you more compact controls, an improved look and feel, as well as a brand-new Calendar Sync UI that gives you more flexibility and power for syncing your calendars.

February 2021
🚀 Complete

Calendar Sync 2.0 is live!

We’ve done a full refresh of our Calendar Sync feature, notably giving users the ability to create syncs in both directions between calendars within a single Reclaim account. It’s a big improvement, particularly for people who were using Reclaim to sync events in multiple directions across calendars previously.

Calendar Sync
🚀 Complete

New look and feel from Reclaim!

We’ve updated our UI with new fonts, spacing, nav layout and iconography. We think you’ll find it to be a cleaner experience overall.

January 2021
🚀 Complete

Slack Status Sync is live 🚀

You can now use our Slack integration to automatically update your Slack status for events from your calendar. You can customize your status messages and even set Do Not Disturb if you want to go into deep focus mode.

November 2020
🚀 Complete

Automatic color-coding for your calendar is live!

We’re excited to announce that Reclaim will now automatically detect and categorize your calendar events and color-code them. To set it up, just go to your Settings in Reclaim, scroll down to Color Coding, and pick the colors you like!

Scheduler Settings
October 2020