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Features, Improvements and Bugfixes Roundup - October 2023

AUTHOR: The Reclaim Team

We're always on the hunt for bugs and improvements so we can deliver the best experience possible for our fearless users. Here's a roundup of the highlights that our team delivered across over 1,500 issues that we resolved since May 30th, 2023.

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New features and improvements

Bug fixes

Note: this is not a complete list of all bugs that we fixed; just the ones we think are most interesting

  • Fixed bug where template variables for attendee and organizer on Smart 1:1s would occasionally glitch out.

  • Fixed various timepicker bugs, including one where earliest starting time and due dates would occasionally return validation errors.

  • Fixed issue where task due date input was obnoxiously small on mobile.

  • Fixed issue where Scheduling Link details page would return a location section even when the link had no location.

  • Improved behavior of auto-locking for Smart 1:1s to ensure that 1:1s added within auto-lock period would also lock.

  • Fixed issue where ClickUp tasks weren't receiving all logged time for synced tasks.

  • Fixed issue on Scheduling Links booking page where duration picker would reset when navigating to other dates.

  • Fixed issue where assigning tasks to other users in ClickUp wasn't properly updating the task.

  • Improved Asana experience to prefill start date based on user's defaults.

  • Fixed issue where Scheduling Link Planner details panel would show "not found" in some cases.

  • Fixed issue where "more actions" on Scheduling Link details panel would occasionally be empty.

  • Improved Todoist sync reliability.

  • Fixed bugs on Scheduling Link availability where times were shown as available that shouldn't have been.

  • Fixed issue where "rolling window" for Scheduling Link scheduling range would accept negative numbers.

  • Fixed issue where Reclaim improperly removed Todoist label from previously-scheduled task.

  • Fixed issue where X axis was broken on Stats charts.

  • Improved resiliency of app by introducing a message indicating when app is out of date with the latest version.

  • Fixed issues around overdue and at-risk filters for Tasks.

  • Fixed issue where Tasks with no time logged would show <1ms as the duration.

  • Fixed issues with Request to Join Team flow.

  • Fixed styling issues where headers on some Reclaim items were mis-sized.

  • Fixed performance issues on loading Smart 1:1s list.

  • Fixed issue where Waiting Rooms were enabled on Zoom meetings on Smart 1:1s when they shouldn't have been.

  • Improved behavior for Log Work on Tasks.

  • Improved login experience for customers logging in via SSO.

  • Fixed websocket issues where team list would occasionally not refresh.

  • Fixed issues with emojis on Task and Habit titles.

  • Improved list and card items across the app for Tasks, Habits, Smart 1:1s and Scheduling Links to provide more consistency to users.

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