July 2020
🚀 Complete

Decompression Time

Reclaim will now automatically add “buffers” in between your videoconference meetings. This feature is available to all Reclaim users, and helps to give you a break in between your meetings.

Scheduler Settings
🚀 Complete

Slack Snooze Changes

Previously, when you Snoozed Habits or Tasks, the Snooze would be relative to the current time. Now, when you Snooze events via Slack, the Snooze will be relative to the event’s start time.

Habits Slack
🚀 Complete

Improved Slack Controls + Feedback

We’ve made changes to our core Slack integration to make the backend snappier and less prone to timeouts. We’ve also added new buttons to Tasks and Habits in Slack to make it easier to start, stop, cancel, and reschedule your Reclaim-created events.

🚀 Complete

Advanced Calendar Sync Options

You can now customize colors, event types, privacy settings, and working hours controls on a per-calendar basis in Reclaim. This gives you even more control over your synced calendars and how they appear to others on your primary calendar.

Calendar Sync
June 2020
🚀 Complete

Habits is live!

Habits lets you auto-block time on your calendar for anything you do regularly. Unlike traditional time-blocking tools, Habits blocks flexible, adaptable events on your calendar that flip from Free to Busy as your day fills up.

Habits comes with a ton of new customization options for the events Reclaim adds to your calendar:

⏰ Set flexible policies for when your Habits should be scheduled

🤫 Change privacy settings for your Habits to control what others see

💬 Auto-reschedule your Habits with Reclaim’s Slack Integration

🖖 Auto-decline meetings that interrupt your Habits

🌈 Color-code your Habits on your calendar

🚀 Complete

Scheduler Improvements

We have improved the scheduler logic to better respect any modifications or deletions you make to the individual habit events on your calendar. Included in this change is a bug fix where, in rare cases, habit events you deleted by hand could reappear later in the day.

Habits Scheduler