January 2021
🚀 Complete

Slack Status Sync is live 🚀

You can now use our Slack integration to automatically update your Slack status for events from your calendar. You can customize your status messages and even set Do Not Disturb if you want to go into deep focus mode.

November 2020
🚀 Complete

Automatic color-coding for your calendar is live!

We’re excited to announce that Reclaim will now automatically detect and categorize your calendar events and color-code them. To set it up, just go to your Settings in Reclaim, scroll down to Color Coding, and pick the colors you like!

Scheduler Settings
October 2020
🚀 Complete

Big improvements to timepicker input for Tasks

Previously, when users would use the timepicker for due dates on Tasks, the input would feel clunky. We’ve now moved that timepicker input to use the same look and feel as the other time inputs in the product, making it easier for users to enter in times for their Task due dates.

Tasks Bug fixes
🚀 Complete

"Maximum Time" for Tasks

You can now specify a max length for Task events created by Reclaim. To try it out, go to a Task, click “Advanced options” and then scroll down.